1:1 Collaborative spread audio representations of Toronto’s river systems throughout the grounds of the Evergreen Brick Works to highlight these hidden natural systems.

Artist Statement

Title: Aqua Circulus

The Greater Toronto Area cityscape is built on top of natural systems. Hidden rivers, historic shorelines, buried creeks and ravine systems cut through the urban grid.

Lake Ontario remains predominantly hidden behind towering buildings and massive transportation infrastructure in urbanized areas. Storm sewer systems run seemingly silently below the surface, only considered when they are overflowing.

All of these flows of water undercut urbanized areas, peaking through the surface in select locations and times.

– 1:1 Collaborative

Astrid Greaves
Carla Lipkin
Lisa Gregory
Sarry Klein

About the Artists

What do landscape architects and urban designers do for fun? They create art!

1:1 Collaborative consists of four landscape and urban designers: Astrid Greaves, Carla Lipkin, Lisa Gregory and Sarry Klein. With backgrounds in sociology, art history, mathematics, philosophy, architecture and environmental design, they are each equipped with a different set of tools, yet united by an interest in the cultural, artistic and poetic potential that exists within and on the edges of landscape architecture.

Project Collaborators

Angela Wallace, Project Manager, Watershed Reporting, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)

Rehana Rajabali, Senior Engineer, Flood Risk and Communications, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)